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Group Sound & Energy Healing

Musically Align Body, Mind & Soul

Before we made music. Music made us. At the core we are made of sound.
Enjoy a healing Planetary Gong & Didgeridoo Journey combined with all 18 Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls & Crystal Lyre which create your body, mind and soul's favorite symphony to relax, recharge & rejuvenate.
Chakra Clearing & Balancing: While listening to the symphony of primordial sounds, you receive Reiki energy healing and a mini-sound massage with 3 Nepalese bowls that match the frequencies for your Crown, Heart & Root Chakras.
Fire Ceremony Performed on celestial events integrate these new energies into your entire life!
Performed by Kathy Murphy & Alex Taylor ~ Singing Bowl Sound Therapist, Vedic Master, Shaman, Advanced Reiki Healer, Biochemist & Falconer.

Every Saturday 10 a.m. - Noon   Custom Sound Bath ~ Request a Quote   FULL EVENT SCHEDULE

Relax, Realign & Rejuvenate

  • tibetan singing bowls sound bath
    Singing Bowl Mini-Massage

    2 to 3 hand-hammered, metal bowls from Nepal are placed on each energy center, chakra, of your body. For thousands of years this technique resonates a 3D mandala (frequency pattern) matching these chakra.

  • cystal singing bowls sound bath
    Gemstone Crystal Singing Bowls

    Modern Alchemy, Crystal Singing Bowls made of precious elements [Ruby, Gold, Emerald, Tanzanite, Moldavite, Platinum & much more] transfer the healing properties of each element through each bowl’s specific frequency.

  • gongs didgeridoo sound bath
    Didgeridoo & Planetary Gongs

    This combination is unparalleled! Paiste Sun & Earth gongs from Germany are of the finest quality harnessing the Sun's energetic frequency for your intention to emerge into the manifest world with the Earth Gong's structural frequencies. The didgeridoo then removes all bodily resistence patterns.

  • crystal lyre harp sound bath
    Crystal Lyre

    A crystal quartz harp with 7 pure tones matching each chakra, ignite & amplify the transmuting properties of your bodies energy vortexes manifesting higher energy, life experiences of abundance, joy, peace & love.

  • reiki shamanism sound bath shamanic healing
    Deep Energy Healing

    This combination relaxes & aligns the brain’s hemispheres, while moving blocked energy toward the energetic filtration system of each chakra. Pure, vibrant energy is then recycled back into your life force.

  • shamanism sage smudging sound bath shamanic healing
    Sacred Smudging

    Energies from sacred plants are burned transmuting your aura. White Sage (Clearing & Healing), Flat-leafed Cedar (Protection & Blessing), Sweet Grass (Blessing from Mother Earth), Lavender (Love & Calming), Palo Santo (Cleansing & Blessing), Frankincense (Abundance & Clarity) & Myrrh (Enlightenment).


Your Location

On-site Group Sound Baths

Includes requirements call, transportation to the specificed location & complete setup within the surrounding seattle area (minimum of one hour).

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