Space Clearing

Happy & Healthy Begins with Energetic Harmony

Have you ever entered a home where you feel immediately at peace & happy? Or the experience of feeling depleted & drained if an argument previously took place in that space? If someone has passed? Do you feel a sense that they have not completely left?

Every space has its own unique flow of energy. Your feelings are in direct response to the energy of the environment. Ancient wisdom teaches us that the environment is an extension of our bodies. We are continuously metabolizing our surroundings. Sometimes energy in a home or office can become stagnant and dull. When this is the case, you may feel tired and listless or become agitated and angry. But you can regain control of the energy in any environment, including your home, office and your body when a Space Clearing is performed. This puts the energy in an optimal free-flow so the finances, energy, health and emotions of everyone in the space are at a peak, vibrant state.

We Are Our Environment

  • Intuitive Space Reading

    I will go through your home & identify which areas need deep energetic shifts as opposed to others areas. This inituitive assesment will allow me to strategize which tools & techniques I will use for the space clearing.

  • Crystal Medicine Wheel

    The ancient native american technique draws up the negatively charged energy from the earth through the crystal & selenite points to meet the positively charged atmosphere creating a 'zero point' energy free-flow for continuous energy clearing.

  • 7 Smudge Sticks & Resins

    Energies from sacred plants are burned transmuting the space. White Sage (Clearing & Healing), Flat-leafed Cedar (Protection & Blessing), Sweet Grass (Blessing from Mother Earth), Lavender (Love & Calming), Palo Santo (Cleansing & Blessing), Frankincense (Abundance & Clarity) & Myrrh (Enlightenment).

  • Mediumship & Psychopomp

    When someone has passed, they may still be energetically connected to a space. Undergoing a 3-year Shamanic intensive, I have worked with many spirits who are still in this world. It is a nightmare they cannot wake up from. I work with them to bring them to a conscious death and guide them to their optimal after life, where they are at peace and your space is then cleared.

  • Metal Singing Bowls

    For thousands of years the hand-hammered Nepalese singing bowls, made of iron, copper, tin, silver, lead, gold and zinc have restored energy free-flow in space, as well as in the human body. The frequency of these primordial sound mandals intensely resonate throughout a large space clearing the energy as well as bringing it into a very high vibrational frequency.

  • Crystal Bowls & Lyre

    Modern Alchemy, Crystal Singing Bowls made of precious elements [Frankincense, Moonstone, Platinum, White Gold, Charcoal & much more] are specifically chosen for optimal space clearing to transfer their properties to integrate optimal energetic frequencies throughout space.

  • Drumming & Rattle

    The drum is feminine and the drumstick masculine. The center of the drum is Great Spirit. When all of these energies are brought together they harmonize the forces of the universe in the space.

  • Sacred Blessings & Tibetan Bell

    Brining in positive intensions as blessings, as well as clearing with bells leaves a crystal-clear energy field in a room. The note from a bell will sound much clearer and last much longer after a space clearing is complete. You will be able to keep the bell to maintain the clear energy of the space.

  • Certificate

    You will receive a "Certificate of Space Clearing," which has the day and location the clearing took place. This truly is an added benefit for property sales, leasing as well as for the comfort for all those who enter the property.


$450 per location

Up to 5,000 sq. ft. Residential, Office or Land

Includes your own Crystal Medicine Wheel, Tibetan Bell, Certificate of Space Clearing & travel within Seattle & Surrounding Areas

*CALL TO SCHEDULE 949.295.1289*