Beyond Date Night

Singing Bowl Massage Couples
Become a Symphony Union of Pure Love

A romantic tranquil sanctuary for you both to marinate in the tones of ancient planetary gongs, while Nepalese bowls massage both your mind, body & soul. Crystal alchemy bowls harmonize your crystalline structures. Deep energy work to remove the old and bring in the new.

  • •  Beautifully melt away years of stress & pain through sound without the need for words
  • •  Symphonic union of both your mind, body & soul to rejuvenate & grow together
  • •  Increased oneness and joy being with eachother
  • •  Connect to deeper levels of love
$250 for one 3 hour session

Every Session Includes:

  • Energy Chakra Balancing

    This combination of Shamanism & Reiki aligns the brain’s hemispheres, while moving blocked energy toward the energetic filtration system of each chakra. Pure, vibrant energy is then recycled back into your life force.

  • Deep Energy Healing

    Deep energetic healing is performed to remove psychic darts, intrusions, spiritual entities and retrieval of your lost soul pieces so that your soul is energized and totally whole. New optimal information is integrated into all layers of yourself & your life.

  • Love Unity

    Enjoy chocolate covered strawberries as you both receive an intuitive reading to better understand your union and how to develop a deeper bond to soulfully grow together. You will also receive meditations and techniques to take home after the blissful session.