Sound & Energy Session


Combining Thousands of Years of Ancient Healing Modalities to Create the Most Advanced, Complete Sound & Energy Technique Designed To Quickly & Radically Improve Any Area Of Your Life.
• Move beyond ‘motivation’ into being pulled by a vision of the highest possibilities in your life
• Profound restorative & transformative energetic cleansing, healing, rebalancing & alignment of the mind, body & spirit
• Move into your frequency blueprint of perfection
• Identify and activate the emerging patterns of your soul’s calling
• Express and radiate your divine talents & gifts, let it emerge with guided inspiration to actualize your mission & purpose
• Transcend the ‘Law of Attraction’ with rapid sonic aligning you with your soul’s vision already coded within
• Become a vibrant sonic conduit to manifest YOUR UNIVERSE, BY DESIGN

BOOK $150 ~ One: 3 hour session

BOOK $250 ~ Couples: 3 hour session

BOOK $420 ~ Package of THREE: 3 hour sessions

*Purchase to reserve session, then Email, Call or Text to Schedule ~ | 949.295.1289*

Every Session Includes:

  • Clearing Negative Energy Patterns

    When we experience trauma physically & emotionally, these patterns reside in our energy fields. Known as intrusions & psychic darts, they are self-sabotaging patterns hijacking our CNS when triggered. These energetic weeds are finally pulled out by the root.

  • Removing Spiritual Influences

    It is very real that sometimes a lost soul may find residence in our bodies. This is common due to a very stressful culture. Trauma can cause some of our soul to leave us with an open gap for them to enter. I am very skilled at compassionately relocating them to heaven, so you and this soul, are free to spiritually progress.

  • Soul Retrevial

    After all psychic darts, intrusions & spiritual entities are removed it is time to put the lost pieces of your soul back. I retreive your lost soul parts so that your soul is energized and totally whole. Your energy, health and life integrate this new optimal information.

  • Soul Emergence

    Your soul will reveal what is energetically important for you at this moment in time. This may include your Gifts, Challenges, Life Purpose, Origin, Past Life & Future Life.

  • Spirit Guides & Animals

    Your Spirit Guides who are dedicated to you in this life will be introduced to you. You also have Power Animals who are also completely dedicated to you. Learn who they are, the gifts they bring and their messages.

  • Life Strategy

    Each session you will receive practical steps, wisdom & guidance to integrate new information into your physical life. Your transformation process will ignite! Weekly sessions allow you to truly thrive living your SOUL'S DESTINY.