Singing Bowl Sound & Energy Techniques Certificate

The Ultimate in Body, Mind & Soul Unity

This unique & highly advanced technique focuses INTENTION + ENERGY + FREQUENCY for your clients to achieve completeness physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually in a lasting transformational way. You learn 1, 2 & 7 bowl Metal & Crystal Singing Bowl Chakra Balancing, Energy Transfer through Bowls, Relaxation Therapy, Healing Mantras, Sound Baths & Warm Water Therapy.
**FREE practice at ANY mauSOULeum weekly Sound Baths.


$650 ~ Single Day 8 HR COURSE
**Lunch, Beverages & Snacks Included.

What you will Learn

  1. History & Evolution

    Learn about Himalayan Singing Bowls for sound healing. Introduction to the history & lineage of the sacred Singing Bowls & how they're made.

  2. Technique

    Learn the placement of 1,2 & 7 Singing Bowls on your client's body according to the need. Techniques on how to rub and strike the bowls, while sending energy, specific mantras & moving them on your client.

  3. Warm Water Therapy

    Learn how to use warm water in the bowls with sound & energy. Also, alternative heating techniques.


    Learn to use your voice as a tool for enhancing energy with Sanskrit Mantras for purified intention as you perform all of the techniques.


    Learn how to incorporate Singing Bowls with other healthcare practices & modalities.

  6. Certificate

    Receive a Singing Bowl Sound & Energy Techniques Certificate upon completion.


$650 ~ Single Day 8 HR COURSE

All Food Included.