reiki shamanism singing bowls

Sound & Energy Session


This unique & highly advanced technique focuses INTENTION + ENERGY + FREQUENCY for you to achieve the highest vibrational potential of you - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You are just a few sessions away from experiencing ...
• Accelerate healing on a physical, emotional, and energetic level
• Feel more whole, nourished, inspired and fulfilled
• Connect into the radiance of your highest vibration
• Align with the power of the Universe
• Have greater access to your own intuitive gifts
• Activate the light of your highest potential
• Become more happy, abundant, joyful, and free

BOOK $150 ~ one 2 - 3 hour session

BOOK $420 ~ Three 2 - 3 hour session

Every Session Includes:

  • Clearing Negative Energies

    Deep energetic healing is performed to remove psychic darts, intrusions, spiritual entities and retreival of your lost soul pieces so that your soul is energized and whole. New optimal information is integrated into all layers of yourself & your life.

  • Intuitive Reading

    An intuitive reading is perfomed which includes one or more of the following, for you to begin connecting to your SOUL’s:
    • Spirit Guides
    • Gifts
    • Purpose
    • Origin or past life
    • Future life

  • Tools for Healing & Success

    Each session you will receive practical steps, wisdom & guidance to integrate new information into your physical life. Your transformation process will ignite! You are only a sessions away to truly THRIVE living your SOUL'S DESTINY.