Primordial sound is one of the most basic and fundamental parts of creation. Tap into your mantra for the same harmony you had in the womb — when you were at your simplest, most serene existence.

Primordial Sound Meditation uses the most basic sounds and vibrations in nature. Why is this so essential? Because the essence of meditation is building a deep connection with your inner self. Getting away from distractions and obstacles — not just external, but internal.

Your own primordial sound “mantra” is a specially personalized vibration that — if used properly — acts as a superconductor between your EXTERNAL and INTERNAL world. It pierces every barrier & cuts straight to the core. Designed as a simple way for you to achieve peace, harmony & completion ~ union of body, mind & spirit.

Primordial Sound Meditation

Optimal Health, Mindfulness, Abundance & Connection to Your True Spirit

  1. The Basics

    Learn the benefits & principles of meditation, as well as the importance of primordial sounds. The history & technique of how your personal mantra is chosen. Q&A prior to proceeding with your personal instruction.

  2. Personal Instruction

    You will meet with your instructor one-on-one to receive and practice your personal mantra. You will be guided every step of the way before meditating on your own.

  3. Perfecting Your Practice

    Dissussion of experiences will be discussed so you better understand what can occur. Putting the 'wordless' into 'words' so that your mind, intellect and ego will better understand experiences ~ allowing you to go beyond them.

  4. Higher States of Consciousness

    Learn the 7 states of consciousness that are possible as you continue your regular meditation practice.

  5. Group Meditation

    The collective group energy enhances and deepens your meditation experience. Practice & experience this during the classes.

  6. Certificate of Completion

    You will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of this course. You may use this to enhance your practice, career and most of all ... your life!


One-on-One Personal Counseling

$475 ~ Includes 3 days (3 hours per session) & one personal mantra session.



  Course taught by Chopra Certified Instructor & Vedic Master ~ Kathy Murphy


Your personal Primordial Sound or 'Seed Mantra'


Personalized instruction on pronunciation & use of your mantra


Interactive classes to help you integrate the tools, techniques & lessons into your lifestyle


Singing Bowl Sound Bath


Primordial Sound Meditation, Guidelines for New Meditators Booklet by Deepak Chopra, M.D. & David Simon, M.D.


Certificate of Completion