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Puget Sound Baths™

Each Singing Bowl Sound Bath is completely customized to align with your theme & messages.

Before, during or after your presentations, this is an extremely unique experience for your guests, as they marinate in a symphony of harmonic vibrations produced by Crystal Singing Bowls infused with gemstones & Hand-hammered, Nepalese Metal Singing Bowls.

On-Site Sound Massages

For your attendees to sign up for during your event. A completely unique way to reduce stress, maintain mindfulness, maximizing the information you’ve worked so hard for your attendees to understand, remember & act upon.

Each Sound Massage uses Singing Bowls placed on & around the body. Vibrations produced from these bowls create a sympathetic resonance in the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Team Building + Sound Bath

A short Sound Bath is played before the exercise for all team members.Mindfulness team exercises are performed. Each team member writes or draws their future vision aligned with your messages & goals, on Wild Flower Seed embedded paper.

All of the wild flower seed papers are collected & then planted in your chosen location A “Company Bee Garden”symbolizes the blossoming of the collective vision towards your common goal.

Mindfulness Presentation + Sound Bath

Kathy Murphy has empowered thousands to access the PRESENT MOMENT using a simple 5-MINUTE PROCESS. After working with Kathy, her clients quickly experience & maintain preset moment awareness, to live a truly mindful life.

Kathy adds the POWER OF VIBRATION through Singing Bowls transforming your company into a MINDFUL ORGANIZATION. Empowering your employees to make clear, centered decisions, while accessing unlimited, creative ideas & solutions.

Mindfulness Program + Sound Bath

Mindfulness training teaches individuals to be “more present” & to perceive the world more CLEARLY & REALISTICALLY. As a result, they can view things as they are, as opposed to how they might like them to be. This empowers your employees to access a plethora of new choices. They can react based on objective evaluation of the issues at hand, as opposed to past preconceived notions & emotions.

Kathy Murphy, Chopra University Certified Vedic Master/Educator, studied under Deepak Chopra, teaches mindfulness techniques & tools in alignment with your company’s goals, strategies & specified content. ON-SITE & ONLINE programs & tools keep your organization at peak mindfulness.

Falconry Education

As a licensed Falconer, Kathy Murphy may bring a special guest ... her Harris’s Hawk. Falconry education is customized to align with your events theme for a memorable & powerful impact!


Customized for Your Event or Retreat

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