It is an honor and privilege to work you. I am completely devoted to you to achieve a rich and fulfilling life you you deserve.

In 14 sessions this personalized program is performed at the deepest transformational level where together we discover your deepest calling and observe your life light up week after week. You learn to align your actions to follow your inner guidance so you make a meaningful contribution to the world.

Most programs address a few layers of your multi-dimensional self, yet then you may still feel out of balance, since there is so much, much more to you. When all of your layers are at peak vibrational harmony, you will experience lasting change. Each session moves you into a higher vibrational state and you will acclimate each week into this new energetic state of being. When this soul evolutionary growth occurs you experience a wide range of emotions. We will work together through these natural growing pains.** 12 FREE Group Sound Bath Events Included!

This step-by-step process allows you to:

~ Clarity on your life purpose
~ Find out what you truly desire
~ Move through fear & obstacles
~ Take powerful & inspired action
~ Bring your vision to life!


  • Release

    Release ALL patterns, karmic agreements, soul contracts, & pranic energy cords, which no longer serve you, through all space, time & dimensions. This and all future sessions include Singing Bowl Massage, Shamanic Healing, Reiki & Smudging. Reclaim your guidance, protection and abundant support from the universe.

  • Discover

    DISCOVER & your Spiritual Guides, your Power Animals, ‘Higher Self’ & your personal soul. Your soul's gifts & mission will emerge. You will also discover your mind-body Vedic constitution. We will define a logical plan to integrate them into your current life. Reclaim your co-creative flow of manifestion.

  • Integrate the Power

    INTEGRATE THE POWER with deep intensive work to align your intellect, mind and ego with your soul’s purpose. Your inner guidance will rise above distracting thoughts leading you to diamonds of genius and the best decisions in any given moment. Also, learn dosha specific yoga poses to integrate and balance your specific energies.

  • Ignite & Activate

    Activating the sacred space in the heat opens up an infinite source of unconditional love. Healing yourself first and then your loved ones will follow as you become the change you want to see in the world.

  • Emergence

    EXTEND your free will to call in your spirit guides, power animals & Ascended Masters for assistance with all techniques & exponential amplification of your being’s vibration. You will learn to use the inifite legions of ascended beings of light devoted to helping you on your soul’s journey.

  • Tools for Your New Life!

    ACCESS Source through Primordial Sound Meditation. Learn the ‘BIJA’ seed mantra, which is your specific frequency that brought you in this world at birth. Bring forth a NEW DIVINE YOU to live the most extraodinary life. You will receive customized meditations, tools, strategies, food, spices & oil essences specific to your body, mind & soul to maintain your awakened self & embrace your new vibrant LIFE!

Pricing & BFF Reviews

3-Month Program

Program Price: $3,500      
$1,500 deposit & 2 monthly payments of $1,000

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