The Power of Shamanism

Shamanism is the most ancient form of healing
Healing since the dawn of man

Shamanism is an ancient healing modality that has been around since the dawn of mankind. Our ancestors connected with nature, the spirit world and all of creation, in a collaborative unity for all life to vibrantly thrive. The word shaman originates from the Siberian Tungus tribe. Essentially shamanism is a universal spiritual wisdom inherent in all indigenous tribes. All of our ancestors spiritual practices are rooted in nature, therefore; shamanism strengthens the innate connection to nature and the spirit world.

What Does a Shaman Do?

Shamanism Heals
How Do Shamans Heal?

Shamanic healing is performed by entering a theta brain wave state, a meditative state, typically by using a drum. In this state the shaman has access the Upper and Lower spiritual realms. A benevolent shaman is then able to work with compassionate helping spirits, which have the highest vibrational energies to perform the healing work on the indiviual in need.

Shamanic Healing
The Power of Shamanic Healing

The difference of Shamanic Healing over other energy healing modalities is the amount of power or energy that is used. As a human being we resonate between 400 - 900 Hz (Source: Power vs. Force, David R. Hawkins M.D. Ph.D.). An Arch Angel is ~ 50,000 Hz! The Shaman is a conduit of this powerful energy which brings a person back to wholeness with amazing speed.

Shamanism has lasting effects
Producing Lasting Effects

The Shaman works at the SOUL level. The soul sends energetic information, which organizes the structure of your physical, emotional & mental bodies. With a whole, pure and fully energized soul all this information translates to the most optimal layers of self and the life that is produced.


Energized, Power-filled & Radiant

How is this achieved?

A Shaman uses core Shamanic healing techniques that have been used for thousands of years. The Shaman is able to see what is needed at the core soul level. They will pick up on energetic soul intrusions, energetic cords, pyschic soul wounds, spiritual entities, chakra imblances and other energetic soul patterns that are not aligned with the person's highest good.

The Shaman is able to remove these energetic patterns, which are keeping the soul from its wholeness, by become a conduit for the highest vibrational spirits. These spirits have specific enrgies for each task that is needed. Once all of these have been removed, typically soul retrevial and power animal retrevial brings all the energies the soul needs to become whole and vibrant. The spirits also help the shaman to bring any other modalities that are necessary to complete this to the person. This could be singing, chanting, playing musical instruments, divination messages, and/or action items. With this collaborative spiritual and manifest world interaction, the person gets exactly what they need to fully thrive.

What are the results?

It does take time for the physical, mental and emotional bodies that are in the manifest world to integrate and reclaim this energy. Yet, the results are lasting, since the issues have been dealt with at the core level. Like a chiropractor for the soul, the shifts in the body, mind and real world can be jarring and uncomfortable. The old energy has released and it takes time for the physical body, mind, intellect and ego to adjust.

We have many layers of energy patterns that have accumulated over this lifetime, past lives, cellular memories, karmic contracts and even genetic ancestral lineages. Each session is exactly what the soul needs each time. The mind, intellect and ego sometimes have difficulty understanding what has happened, yet at the core there is the inner knowning in our gut that we are healing at the deepest level for the highest good of all. Weekly sessions remove of these layers at the deepest core and let the new perfection of the soul's eternal light integrate into the manifest world.

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