Chakra Balancing using Ancient Sounds

Chakra Blancing Frequencies with Singing Bowls
Healing Frequencies of Our Ancestors

Our ancestors knew the power of sound. Sound is not a religion, yet it is mentioned as a critical creation element in every major religion. So what is sound? It is a series of energy waves bound in space and time. Every atom at the smallest level is actually energy waves. So everything we experience in this life is actually different frequencies of sound. When the energy waves are slower the object is denser, like a stone. When the energy waves are faster the object is lighter, like a feather.

Your Chakra's Favorite Song

Blood Cell Chakra Frequency Singing Bowl
Body, Mind & Soul's Favorite Song

We are a combination of different sound frequencies. That is why when you hear your favorite song your entire physical, mental and emotional state changes so quickly. When the ancient sounds tibetan bowls, a digeridoo, native drum, rattle or a gong is played our cellular memory from our ancestral lineages remembers that these sounds have been played for thousands of years. Your cells begin to vibrate the energectic dance of vitality rippling out a sympathetic resounance inviting all other cells to join the party. Your body, mind and soul literally dance to their favorite song!

(Photo by Terres Unsoeld; Blood cell returing back to healthy state when singing bowl frequencies are used.)
Heart Chakra Balancing Sound Frequency
Chakra Frequencies

Chakras are like the organs of the energy body. They act as large energy filters sending organizational information into our lower layers of self including the physical, emotional & mental bodies. Each chakra has a specific energy pattern similar to the mandala patterns you see. These are what they look like in the 3 dimension. When a chakra resonates in this frequency pattern, it is clear and can send the optimal information creating the optimal you!

(Photo by Cymatics; Frequency Pattern of the Heart Chakra photographed in water)
Heart Chakra Balancing using Singing Bowl
Singing Bowls Match Chakras

Hand-hammered Singing Bowls from Nepal are created in notes B (crown), E (third eye), A (throat), D (heart), G (solar plexus), C (sacral) & F (root) with many overtones, to match each one of these chakra frequency patterns. Striking or rubbing the bowl on the physical body immeditatly starts to retune the chakra to its original pattern. Your body, mind and soul then begin their journey back to perfection.

(Photo by Cymatics; Frequency Pattern of Water in the Heart Chakra Singing Bowl)

Before We Made Music. Music Made Us.

Return to Your Frequency Blueprint of Perfection

Return to Your Frequency Blueprint of Perfection

Your are made up of crystalline structures of energy frequency patterns. Your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies begin to resonate and actually become all of the sound frequencies that were played today. They begin to resonate to their highest potential state. Vitality of health, clarity of mind, joyful emotions, abundance, and much more naturally begin to occur. Everything that is not of your highest potential begins to release. Allowing these emotions, thoughts and bodily sensations to release fully makes room for this highest vibrational potential of you. Your life will also reflect these new high vibe changes, since your energy frequency patterns attract the frequency patterns of the things in your life.

We hold certifications & degrees in the most advanced, deep energy healing modalities, such as Reiki & Shamanism. Chakra balancing, removal of energy intrusions, soul retrevial, removal of spiritual influeces, power animal retrieval, etc., are just a few of the techniques that you recieve. As well as, an intuitive soul reading. We heal all layers that comprise you. Each session is completely unique, intense, relaxing and exactly what you need for your energy state at the time. We are fully dedicated to you until your goals are achieved.

What are the results?

We use the highest quality sound healing instruments available. CrystalTones Alchemy Singing Bowls are superior quality quartz crystal bowls infused with gemstones & earth elements. Paiste Gongs have been created since the1940’s in Schacht-Audorf, Germany perfecting the copper, zinc and nickel alloy. Nepalese Hand-hammered Singing Bowls are direclty from Nepal using a 7 metal alloy of gold, silver, copper, iron, mercury, lead and tin perfected by the family cast overs thousands of years.

As the saying goes, “Rome was not built in a day.” We have decades of hurt, pain, lack, fear, suffering, non-optimal food and spiritual growth resistance that we have accumulated during this life. Each session restores your body, mind and soul back to the most optimal expression of you with ease. The end result is living your unique expression in the highest potential of physical vitality, joyous loving emotions, fullest prosperity abundance and spiritual awakening. ‘Sound & Energy Sessions’ rapidly move you into this state, through a safe, loving, relaxing and joy-fill journey. These modalities have been healing since the dawn of mankind.

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