Why Am I Unhappy?

~ An End to Suffering ~

If you’ve clicked on this page and are reading these words, it’s likely that you’ve asked at least one of these questions before. How often do you find yourself struggling with stress, loneliness, fear, pain, anger or feeling overwhelmed every day? You might have come to a point in your life where you just want to know WHY you’re suffering so much. Not only that, but you might feel sick and tired of the pain and just want it to stop.

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How Do I Move Beyond FEAR?

Waking Up

You’ve experienced the feeling of “waking up” from the collective dream state of society. Your Spiritual Awakening might have happened as the result of a trauma, tragedy, major life change, illness, or simply because your soul is maturing and evolving.

Dark Night of the Soul

The Dark Night of the Soul is a form of spiritual and existential crisis. It often involves losing interest in social interaction, losing all meaning in life, feeling out-of-touch with the Divine, feeling betrayed or forsaken by Life and having no solid or stable ground to stand on. The Dark Night of the Soul is a deeply transformational period in life that is necessary for the growth of every human being.

High Sensitivity

Looking through the lense of love. As destiny would have it, you were born with a high level of sensitivity. However, in our noisy and chaotic world, your sensitivity is not only drowned out, but it is regarded as a “weakness.” As a result, you may have denounced, denied, or struggled with sensitivity for your entire life.

Soul Work


Reuniting Your True Nature

When you learn how to listen to and reclaim your True Nature, or Soul, you experience what awakened beings through the ages refer to as Nirvana: the ability to transcend suffering, embody unconditional love and peace and live authentically again. Furthermore, when we live from the Soul we are immediately able to understand our sacred life purpose.

However, Soulwork requires real dedication and commitment, hence why we have created this website. In order to discover the truth of who we are, we must set out on the path of the lone wolf, or spiritual seeker. While this path can be supported and nourished by others, it is ultimately a solitary path that demands courage, persistence, and the willingness to dig deep.

Freedom & Ever-lasting Peace

Because the vast majority of us have lost touch with our souls, we suffer from a host of mental, physical and spiritual illnesses such as chronic disease, anxiety, depression, personality disorders, addiction, and abuse. We refer to spiritual illness as “soul loss.” In order to listen to our Souls and become awakened beings, we must commit ourselves removing everything that obscures our inner light and keeps us stranded in darkness. Common blockages include conditioned beliefs, ideals, dogmas, repressed thoughts and feelings, and childhood wounds.

By learning how to listen to our Souls and removing all inner blockages, we open a doorway to experiencing true freedom and everlasting inner peace. Whether directly or indirectly, our entire website is dedicated to both Soulwork; the process of spiritually maturing.

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