Alex Taylor

Life Mastery & Sonic Creation Coach

As an Empath, Alex Taylor has always felt the "Call" from a young age and has had a number of powerful spiritual experiences to build upon and teach others. From Astral Projection to communing with the denser energy spirits, she has had to teach herself and others how to manage an open spiritual mind in a closed logic-fueled world. Utilizing her natural ability to take on others’ emotions, processing them so that they may be released completely, has helped her connect with animals and people alike. After attending the University of Washington and attaining double B.S. degrees in Environmental Science and Psychology, she is determined to bridge the gap between the Spiritual and Intellectual worlds and as she sees it, there is no gap, just a gap in modern understanding. Now, she utilizes her gifts along with Psychological tools, Mind-Body medicine and Deep Energy Work to help and empower others to take full control of their lives and to manifest their purest versions of themselves.

  • Psychology, B.S., University of Washington
  • Environmental Science, B.S., University of Washington
  • Nepalese Himalayan Singing Bowl Therapist, Atma Buti School
  • Reiki Master & Advanced Therapies, Academy of Reiki
  • Licensed Washington Falconer


  • I was going through a very difficult period of my life until I met Alex. I went to her private sessions and it changed everything in my life. From healing my back injuries to having a new job just come out of the blue that was something I thought was far beyond what I deserved. The biggest thing is she helped me to acclimate to joy and abundance and I stopped self-sabotaging.
    Rhonda D.
  • Alex is such a unique healer. Her ability to take the latest psych techniques of mindfulness really did get to the soul level and helped me overcome my addictions.
    Mark W.
  • What a gift she is at such a young age to be so incredibly insightful and powerful. She saw and healed things no other inuitive healer was able to do and I've been going to energy workers for decades.
    Abby B.
  • I thought Kathy played the bowls in an amazing way until Alex played them. WHOA! She has this ambidextrous way of playing them that take me to other dimensions. I've been going for years and each time trumps the week prior.
    Rachel P.
  • I've had some serious injuries and Alex has really helped them rapidly heal. I had given up until I met her. Also, my business income doubled and I found the love of my life. Huge bonuses!!
    Linda G.
  • A genuine soul of pure love & light. Gifted beyond gifted. Her insight intellectually and spiritually has helped me in every way. Week by week I actually have a great life now!
    Robert W.